Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More of Memphis 80s - Music Anyone?

Last week I got yet another inhaler. The second one I was given was called Anoro; the PA was so pleased to tell me you don't need to rinse your mouth afterwards. Wrong! It left a horrible taste in my mouth that rinsing didn't take care of. Brushing the teeth didn't remove it. The only way to get rid of the taste was to swish cola around in the mouth or suck on a strong flavored hard candy. I stuck it out a week but didn't see any difference so gave it up. The newest is Stiolto which is an aerosol but such that you don't have to time the release just right or use a spacer. So far, so good. While you are reading today's post, I'll be out to lunch with the Sentara ladies. Going to Cracker Barrel this time. I'm trying to figure out what we (hubby and I) will be doing for our 22nd anniversary on 7/6. Fourth of July week isn't very amenable to going somewhere. As it is, we have a HRT retiree lunch on 7/2 and then 7/3 I'm back to the pulmonologist and then down the street to another doctor check in. I'm thinking it might be best to postpone any celebration or day trip to the following week. He keeps asking me what I'd like for a gift but we had agreed a couple months ago that he was going to get a pistol and take lessons for self defense with it and for me I was going to pay for my workout club. We've done both of those things already and I hadn't planned on getting him another gift as his gun, supplies, range membership etc turned out to be rather pricey. He got the better end of this deal in terms of costs but that's okay with me. Still, maybe I do deserve a little something more, but what?

Anyway, today we have a touch of music in our zip:

[why isn't goggle picking up the preview?]
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6xsnuvga2y3tfb5/ws_Memphis80s_4.zip?dl=0

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