Saturday, June 16, 2018

Last of Larkin's Dream freebie

We've sent Larkin back to her bed now, to awaken from her dream. (BTW sorry I switched tenses on last part.) Now here are those extra elements I mentioned:
And for those of you who like an overall preview:

May I suggest something that will save you a little space on your hard drive? Folders take up space and so do all the info files that come in individual zips. For a kit that is given in separate zips, we'll use Larkin's Dream as an example, do this. First make a folder with the designer name_kit name, so here it would be ws_LarkinsDream. Now dump all those individual zips inside this folder. Next in this main folder make a folder called LarkinsDream_elements (or just elements) and one called LarkinsDream_papers (or just papers). With my kits you can always go to the last zip of the kit, open it and cut the TOU and credits page (It will be the most complete) and dump those into the main file. Now go to each zip folder and delete the TOU and credits for some space saving. With other designers, you might have to check their credits file if seperate or TOU to see if they are all the same. If the designer completed the entire kit before offering it and gave an overall preview, you can be safe in assuming that one copy of the TOU and credits are all you need. Next, open the first zip file and in that open the elements folder. Cut and paste those elements into the elements folder in the main folder. Do the same with each zip folder. You should be left with only an empty elements folder in each zip file. Ignore them for now. Next, we want to do the same thing with papers, cutting them from individual zip folders and dumping into the main papers folder. This should leave you with a bunch of individual zip folders in which are empty folders for elements and papers. So just highlight those useless individual zip folders (with subfolders inside) and delete them. You end up with one main folder for the kit containing a folder full of elements, a folder full of papers, and one copy TOU and credits. Of course, it is easiest to do this as you collect the individual zips but any time you see your hard drive space diminishing, you can often save space by eliminating as many unecessary folders, TOUs and credits as you can.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another lovely kit and your continued kindness & generosity. Loved the tale of Larkins Dream & a very cute kit. Could you please provide the download link for Thursday June 14th? Much appreciated.