Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday freebie of Larkins Dream

I missed my pool time yesterday. Went to doctor for regular checkup just before noon. Talked to him about pain in left heel - could barely walk. He says I have plantar fasciites. Gave me some exercises to do and is checking my potasium and magnesium levels. Thought I would take about an hour's nap when I got home but slept until dinnertime! Have to make up for missed pool session today. Last night hubby heard from the real Larkin. Her maternal grandmother (hubby's ex-wife) had called him about a month ago to say Larkin keeps asking about us. Knowing that her daughter has burned bridges with my husband, she decided to act in Larkin's favor and had said she would get Larkin to call and she'd even be happy to transport Larkin to see us. Looks like we might get to see the little girl - she just turned 8 yesterday - after all.

Now here is latest xip:
"I know," Tiny says, "Cookies and milk?" She waves away some mist to reveal a large jar of cookies and a pitcher of milk. The cookies look yummy, but Larkin hesitates. Away to her right, she spots three adolescent unicorns in rapt conversation.

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