Sunday, June 10, 2018

New week, same freebie series

Oops! I meant to pre-schedule this post for Tuesday since I'm running Tues, Thurs, Sat. now. Oh well, it published so you have your Tuesday early.
I spent a good deal of time this weekend going through vintage women's and fashion magazines on-line. Came across references to collections held on-line by a number of European universities and had to check them out. Time consuming since each collection seems to have a different system. You can think you are seeing mention of a new magazine issue only to find it it was packaged in something you looked at previously. Then there is the matter of figuring out how to copy or download items you might be interested in. My primary interest was in finding vintage embroidery motifs to use in crazy quilting and maybe some unique crochet trims. These things may be found in general women's magazines, some times in fashion magazines too since they often highlight decorative trends of the time. Patterns other than embroidery designs and some clothing tend to be what we might call sketches. The clothing patterns certainly aren't full size so they had to be drawn out using the magazine "patterns" as guides. Projects of all kinds are just shown as finished sketches, maybe with a close up of embroidery motif or other detail. You had to use your own creativity with sketch as a guide. One popular project was elaborate lamp shades like these:
Sorry, that really wasn't one I wanted to show but it will do for now.

Wall pockets were also a favorite project and were used to store things like brush & comb, pocket watches etc
And yes, that sketch is all you had to go with. Had to be pretty clever, huh?
Larkin's Dream
Of course, Larkin would need something to drink to wash those cupcakes (she ate two) down. Tiny suggested bubble tea. "Well, I do drink tea with Nonna . . . ." "This is chilled, fruity tea with a surprise at the bottom," Tiny explained. "The bubbles are fruit flavored chewies!" She offered Larkin a choice of blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, plum or mango. Mimi suggested Larkin try the mango. She sipped it cautiously at first then decided she liked it.

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