Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, Monday & freebie of Shopping Therapy

I am slowly getting a few things done around the house. Taking a break before that nasty, back breaking chore of cleaning bathrooms. Yuck!
I finished Anita Shreve's The Last Time They Met this weekend and can't stop thinking about it. The novel is about a couple who meet 3 times and it works backwards from a meeting in their 50s, to one in their 20s, to their first meeting as teens. My battered copy (a thrift store find) contains a reader's guide for book clubs. I never look at those until after I finish reading and have my own thoughts about the novel. One of the questions asks about the ending and whether or not the reader anticipated it and caught the hints earlier on. I did and I didn't. Which is to say I knew what Linda's secret was and how it explained certain behaviors but I somehow missed the larger picture. Now I'm a serious student of literature so I'm surprised I hadn't figured out the ending. I thought back and sure, there were some oddities here and there but nothing that clearly fit together. I know I'm going to have to go right back and read it again. I do recommend it and suggest that if you find it a bit dry in the beginning, be patient and read on.

Today's zip:

I am frantically trying to put together the rest of this week's zips because tomorrow we will be picking up Larkin and keeping her the rest of the week. That Lil Princess (as her Papa calls her) needs lots of attention so I won't have much computer time until she goes to sleep. I've been contemplating ways to coax her into more reading sessions. My husband suggested that for every 30 minutes spent reading and/or working with phonetics cards, she would be allowed to watch 30 minutes of cartoons. (Seems she gets a steady diet of those at home and at her Aunt's house.) I also remembered the can of peanuts on the coffee table. Larkin likes peanuts so if I get desperate to have her read, I'll put a small paper cup on the table and tell her for every word she can read, she will get a peanut in her cup. Does that sound awful? I'm not used to children who don't like to read. Her oldest brother, the one who is heading off to college, loved books at a very early age as did my son. I wish I could figure out why she doesn't like to read. I'm wondering if she has been embarrassed in reading group at school because the other children have gotten more instruction at home and do so much better? Thinking of other activities for her while here. Of course, there will be a special tea one day. She will find her new toy trunk with a doll and extra outfit, 2 Dr. Seuss books, and a kit of little babies (kind of like Shopkins). Of course, we will also have to play with Play Dough and maybe try to teach her Uno. If the weather isn'
t too awful, we might try taking her to the Virginia Beach Aquarium. Fun, fun, fun.

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