Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Freebie - zip 20 of Little Sailors

Did you know I have a Facebook page under Sher Scraps 4 CU & Wonderland Scraps? Used it when I was selling in scrap stores and it is still there. I intend to go in and update with info abut the freebies here on the blog but rarely find time any more and nearly never get the info up at the beginning of a series. Will try to do better.

Had doctor's appointment today for routine blood work etc. About to go check on Dad but have to quickly move a bunch of files off my desktop to one of the hard drives. BIL is coming over this afternoon to look at a problem with hubby's computer and always takes a peek at mine. He would have a stroke looking at my desktop and warn hubby I'm heading for a crash and go on and on about how much stuff I have on my drives. I know he is right about the desktop because it's been slowing down but I tend to dump stuff there to sort through. I do get around to moving those files to where they belong but it's pretty bad right now.

Here is today's zip:
That "background" is really a coral overlay I used to make a paper earlier on. Thought you might want to have it to play with, use on another color background, change the coral color, whatever.

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