Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Running late but new freebie

Long day. Got surrender check on Dad's policy and was disappointed to find it under $4,000. That sure won't go far. If lucky, it might pay for repair of his hearing aid - if it can be repaired. His audiologist is one of the most caring people I've ever met. I spoke with her today, planning to set up another appointment to take him in. But first she wanted to know all about how he was doing (he's known her longer than twenty years) and where he is now. She said she will go to him! Possibly Wednesday evening at earliest. She will go ahead and make another mold of his ear in case he has to order a new hearing aid, but will also check to see if it can be repaired since it appears all the electronics are there.

Dad was quick to have me notice that his ankles weren't swollen but his abdomen is still very distended. I spoke with his nurse before I left and she updated me on lab tests and x-ray that had been done. They lowered the Lasix dose back to where it was, but x-ray showed small amount of fluid around his heart. He will see the nurse practitioner tomorrow.

My husband, already a good cook, has been watching the Food Network and getting inspired to create new dishes. Saturday, he decided to try making an Alfredo sauce from scratch. Usually I resort to Bertollini jarred Alfredo sauce because my husband prefers red sauces, or as they say, gravy. He put his sauce over bow tie pasta. It was so good! I had some of the leftovers tonight and was amazed at how well it reheated. Tomorrow he has promised to make pepper steak, another dish he makes better than I do.

So next kit colors are:
I couldn't think of a good name, so went with Shopping Therapy. I know a lot of ladies who go looking for a new outfit, or shoes, or accessories when they want a lift, want to pamper themselves. Funny thing, hubby saw the folder labeled Shopping Therapy on my desktop and asked what it was, saying quickly, "No, you don't do that. That was [his first wife]s thing!" Years after they had been divorced and after we married, Ms X, was still running up charge card bills and had the audacity to have the bills sent to our address when their son was living with us. He got to mail before we got home and would take the bills to her on his weekends there. That is, until I came home early with a migraine and found a red notice from Bloomingdale's in the mailbox with her new married name and our address! Needless to say, there were fireworks. There's more to the story and it just gets crazier.

But back to new kit. I happened upon a designer resource by Daelman's Designs that was so cute, I had to have it. In part because it featured one of my favorite colors. So the idea for this kit was born. Here is your first zip:
I've left the pieces she designed with her original file labels.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gudyvu9xgjqn6z7/ws_ShoppingTherapy_1.zip?dl=0


Seymoure said...

Love the color choices. The mannequin is adorable. Thank you for another great kit.

Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Thank you so much for the lovely kits that you make and share with us. I treasure them and use them and noting who the credit goes to. I love the new kit your starting--Shopping Therapy--which we all need once in awhile.

Hope your father is taking a turn for the better. Age is such a difficult time when it reaches the sr. years--will remember him in my prayers.

MomOnceAgain said...

What a beautiful set of colors - I can hardly wait to see what you do with it! Thank you!

ginnie said...

thank you
freebie hugs