Thursday, July 13, 2017

Swelling Dad and freebie

Just spent about an hour on the phone with Dad. Had 3 calls earlier from the nursing home to let me know about changes in his meds because he once again has a lot of fluid buildup. We had been noticing this over the last week and wondering if he was headed for another trip to the hospital. When the abdomen fills with fluid it puts pressure on the lungs and heart. Once again he is being given increased Lasix (a diuretic) and increased potassium. They are following up with CBC, tests on liver etc. And also treating his seasonal allergies. He isn't happy about testing, thinks it is a waste of time. More complaints about food, too much chicken on menu and he doesn't eat that so gets some kind of substitute and that isn't to his liking either. I feel helpless as I can't do anything better.

Yesterday I went to Lake Taylor Hospital to inquire about the refund face to face as the legal assistant suggested. (She also told me that it was typical for such refunds to take a long time.) Tomorrow have to go by my bank to get a surrender form notarized. Got to request surrender of Dad's annuity as part of spend down before Medicade application. Waiting on check from life insurance we surrendered. Legal assistant is predicting it will be about October before I have to put house up for sale. There is just so much financial stuff to deal with, it is no wonder I'm getting headaches again.

So today zip 15 of Little Sailors. Think you will like this one with a paper to represent decking, a cluster, couple of decos and another little sailor:
Many thanks for the sweet comments. I am happy you are enjoying this kit.

Sending prayers out to our friend, Kristi and her family as her father is going through major health issues. It is so hard to watch those you love suffer and not be able to do much about it.

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