Monday, July 3, 2017

Are you having a good holiday weekend? & freebie

Just past midnight here & I'll be going off to bed but thought I'd first go ahead and post for Monday. Are you doing anything fun this holiday weekend? We aren't. Felt a little better yesterday so went over to Dad's house to pick up the car keys, thought I'd try stating the car and if it is running okay, go ahead and bring it over here. We'd get it washed up and cleaned out and put a for sale sign on it. Since we live on a main street it should sell quickly. Found the key ring Dad uses for house and car keys. Wasn't surprised to find house key missing - know my brother has it with him because he thought he'd be back soon. No car keys! So I suppose he took those with him too and that isn't good since I have no idea when or if he'll be back. Collected some lotion Dad wanted and went over to see him. It was hot and humid out and he had cut off the AC in his room and was enjoying the heat. Couldn't stay long because the heat was bringing back my headache and nausea. Oh well. Sorted through some paperwork here and did some laundry. Played in PhotoShop and another day is gone.

Today's zip of Little Sailors:

There will be a post on Independence Day. In fact, there will be a patriotic add-on to Little Sailors, so be sure to check in.


Seymoure said...

Hi - Hope this finds you feeling much better. Looking forward to tomorrows add-on. Will be out of touch for a few weeks so hoping I will be able to catch up when I return.

PauliesPoodle said...

Having a great holiday midweek . Hope all is good!