Friday, July 21, 2017

Migraine free! & free templates

So far today is going along pretty well. No headache, hubby brought me cinnamon raisen biscuits for breakfast, and I've got laundry going. The nice thing about doing laundry is that once the laundry is loaded into the washer, you've got that 30 break when you can do something else, then back to washer and load clean clothes into dryer. That's another 60 minutes you can do something else. As for the folding, it goes quickly when you watch a little TV while doing it. Of course, you know all this, I'm just being grateful for our modern methods of cleaning clothes. Just think of what it used to be like with cauldrons of scalding water, lye soap, wash boards and so on.

Today I have a couple of templates I've made, loosely related to the kit.
Back to chores.


Seymoure said...

Hi - Glad to hear you are feeling better. Yeah-love doing laundry--put a load in, then transfer to the dryer, put in another load, go back to computer, download, read while something is downloading. Who says we can't multitask? Also wanted to say thank you for leaving all parts of the current kit up as hubby and I went on a trip to Alaska. It was on his bucket list. Still loving Little Sailors.

SherryD said...

Alaska - sounds interesting. Hope you had a great time. Now recover from vacation :)