Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Anniversary to us! Freebie

Today it is 21 years since I married my high school sweetheart. We plan to celebrate our anniversary next week due to doctor appointments etc. etc. Don't know yet where we will be going or for how long, just need a change of pace.

Sorry about missing post yesterday. We had our grand-daughter, Larkin most of the day. Took her to see Despicable Me 3 which was a cute movie. I love that Agnes character! After the movie, full of popcorn and cherry slushie, we came back to the house so hubby could get some lunch. He isn't into buttered popcorn. Can you imagine? Lol. Larkin and I didn't want any lunch just some playtime for her and nap for me. The child is a bundle of energy and very loving and clingy. I got a little sleep before Miss Bouncy Bouncy came in to wake me up because her Papa was busy cooking one of her favorite meals - liver and onions in gravy over rice. I can barely tolerate the smell.

Larkin did not pass first grade. She does well in math and science but is resistant to reading and language arts. Now words are my thing so I'm trying to convince her that learning to read is worthwhile. We worked through about half a pack of phonetic cards before she lost focus. But we came to an agreement. If she wants to stay over a night or two here and there this summer, she will work on reading with me. I also want to help her be more articulate. She can be when she wants to make a point, but because so little is expected of her at home, she doesn't bother most of the time. It was getting late by the time we took Larkin home and we were too tired to do much of anything except sit in front of the TV watching Criminal Minds and veg out. Although Spencer's mother has paranoid schizophrenia and Alzheimer's and is much worse off than my father, I could sure relate to his emotions about being caregiver.

Anyway, here is yesterday's zip:

And one for today:

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KM Miller said...

Happy anniversary to you both. Hope you have a lovely dinner.

Thank you for the cute files.