Tuesday, August 1, 2017

No Larkin but more Shopping Therapy

Got a bunch of errands done today, running around in heat. We could not reach daughter so could not find out if Larkin is home yet nor go to pick her up. Left messages but she hasn't returned calls.
Saw Dad today. More complaints about the food. His ankles aren't swollen but bell is still pretty swollen and hard. Spoke with his nurse and she will contact nurse practitioner. The mail brought EOBs from both Medicare and Anthem for his Lake Taylor stay. Looks like w might be responsible for a couple hundred dollars so hope they go ahead, deduct what we owe and send me the refund.

Today we have a lot of pink in the Shopping Therapy zip:
That third paper is supposed to be tissue paper.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lehsh0deh1wj75i/ws_ShoppingTherapy_7.zip?dl=0

Thank you for nice comments on blog and DropBox. I'm happy to know you are enjoying the kit.

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