Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday? Sorry I missed posting yesterday

Husband's oral surgery went well yesterday. We had gotten up so early to get there for earliest appointment that when we got home and he fell asleep in his recliner, I slept too. Weather has been rainy - all day today - and I have been having sinus problems. Feels like the Eustachian tube behind left ear is stopped up and it has been painful today. But hubby's keyboard broke early this morning so I went out in pouring rain to find the one he saw on Walmart on-line. Went by and picked up Dad's mail, went to both Norfolk Walmarts and couldn't find the keyboard he wanted. He'd said not to buy a more expensive one. I went ahead and bought Larkin's backpack because after looking at the cartoon type she'd likely pick and seeing how poorly they were made, I decided 2 things: don't feel up to taking her shopping this week and I'd buy a sturdier pack. Also picked up a couple Dr. Seuss books for us to read when she is here and a teen type doll and extra outfit to put in the toy box I got for her. She needs some stuff to keep here to play with. Then there were leggings on sale and a cute unicorn top for her too. No more Larkin shopping for awhile.

Came in drenched. Going to try a little facial sauna to open my sinuses - just some steaming water in a deep bowl with a few drops of lavender essential oil (not only smells great but has antibiotic properties) and a couple dried bay leaves (also for scent and detoxification), Hood up with a towel and relax while breathing in the steam. Good for skin too.

Anyway, I've got 2 zips of Shopping Therapy for you tonight:

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