Friday, December 15, 2017

Had an interesting occurence yesterday and more of Mistletoe Miss

Yesterday, near mid day, I was lying down to rest and hubby was on the computer. All of a sudden there was a terrible racket. He thought I was in the shower so didn't move at first. I jumped up to see where the noise was coming from. Know what we found? Water shooting straight up in the air from the toilet bowls in both bathrooms! And the rumble continued. He shut off the water while we started cleaning up the mess. Fortunately, just water. He called BIL who is a contractor to ask him what on earth could be going on. BIL had never heard of this but suggested the city must be doing something with the sewer lines. So hubby went down the street and found a city work truck. Yes, they were working on the sewer lines and had blasted air through them. Said it wasn't supposed to affect the nearby houses but it sure did. Offered to send someone over to clean up the mess but we'd already done that. After learning how much longer the workers expected to be, hubby came home and we left the water off to the bathrooms until we knew it was safe to turn it back on. Just lovely! Put a damper on day's plans, I an tell you. But imagine the surprise of other people who might have been at work, if they returned home to find water every where!

After doing one more load of wet towels, I'm going to try to kick into high gear and get some things done.

And here is today's Mistletoe Miss:

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