Friday, December 1, 2017

Having one of those days and more Fall In Love freebie

It's the first day of December; maybe that's it. My house is a mess, doesn't look the least like holidays around here, I've been copying loads of checks copies - both deposited checks and ones written for expenses (Dad's stuff), doing some basic chores like laundry and had planned to go visit Dad. I need to visit Dad as I haven't been over there since early in the week. Have been to attorney's office, and to Dad's house to clear more stuff and take photos of sale sign for application etc. etc. Was sitting at computer earlier, playing a little solitare to relax and my husband started playing some of his Bluegrass music. I don't care for much of the music and didn't think I was listening but there was a song about losing a father and wanting one more day. I lost it. Which upset my husband. Thought I got it under control and did some paperwork. A bit later there was a song about Just A Name On A Door - old folks in nursing homes. Had to leave the room. He wasn't intentionally playing songs that would upset me. He was editing a CD he had recorded to listen to in his truck. Anyway, haven't been able to get it together today since. Have the blues so bad, most anything will set off the tears. Postponed visit to Dad until tomorrow. And that's my whine for today.

Have another zip of autumn stuff for you:

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Deb Burroughs said...

I went through similar emotions with my mother's passing. It's hard to see one you love waste away bit by bit and there always seems to be something out of the blue to set off the tears. May you find comfort in the Lord. Blessings and hugs...