Thursday, December 14, 2017

The best gift and a freebie

Today is the 40th anniversary of the best gift I ever recieved, my son Jeremy Ryan Schupp. Hard to believe my baby turns 40 today! Ever since Jeremy's birth, being with him on Christmas makes the holiday for me. This year he and his wife, Berkeley, will be working at Patient First and I will miss them sorely. But Pennsylvania is a long drive away and I do understand that the days of my Baby J hitting the road to be with me during holidays are a thing of the past. This year he and B will have a quiet Christmas all their own - oh except for the company of their 4 cats: Pippen, Bilbo, Wynnie, and Kiki. It will hard for B's mother this year too because her lungs as now so bad she has qualified for the transplant list. I'm sure she is wondering how many holidays she has left and wishing the children were coming for a visit. However, her oldest daughter is with her so that should help. But I'm going to focus on the reason for the season and let the merriment come another year. We will watch Midnight Mass, have a feast to celebrate Christ's birth and chat with family and friends by phone. It will be okay.

I have another zip of Mistletoe Miss for you today:
I left that green ornament very large because I think it would be cute to do a cut out of a sitting child and perch the child on the ornament. Of course, you can always reduce it.

Did you know that Digital Scrapbooking Studio is doing an advent calendar freebie? The colors are very similar to Mistletoe Miss so if you collect those pieces too you will have a lot to mix and match.
Check it out here:

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