Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday - about acorns - Fall In Love freebie

It was a freak accident involving a full laundry basket, door and wall. Hard to explain how I managed to smash the joints just above the knuckles of the fingers on my right hand. The ring finger bore the brunt and is still a little tender but nothing like it was on Friday. Ice, magnesium oil with essential oils to fight inflammation and rest made a world of difference.

Moving on, let's get to the next installment in Fall In Love:
The Botanical Garden was a peaceful place for a walk. While the trees showed more bare branches than brillant foliage now, there were still some blooms to be seen. Fall colored chrysanthemums, viburnum, bluebeard shrubs, and salvia created bright spots of color. Squirrels scampered around madly; some buried acorns for later, while others dug for acorns to consume now. Garden crews were pulling out supplies to set up the Holiday Garden of Lights that would be lit after Thanksgiving weekend. Their voices and those of other garden visitors carried long distances on the cool, crisp air.

Coming upon a bench near a birdbath, he suggested they rest a little. After a few minutes of casual conversation, he got up and walked over near an oak tree and picked up an acorn. Sitting back down beside her, he held it on his open palm, as if to present it to her. She raised an eyebrow in question. What is that? he asked. An acorn, of course. But what else is it? he continued. A baby oak tree. He smiled at that. It is indeed. Inside that shell are the basic ingredients needed to make a new oak tree, a new life. The acorn has been used to symbolize potential, strength, life, fertility, even immortality. Yes, she said, I knew of some of those symbolic meanings. Did you know it's also a good luck charm? For luck, prosperity, and power. I did not.

He closed his hand and stuck it in his pocket and when he drew his hand out again, he asked her to open her hand. This isn't an engagement ring. That's something we'll choose together. But I want you to have this as a symbol of the new life we will build together if you will agree to marry me. Into her hand, he placed a silver acorn box and motioned for her to open it. Inside was a vintage acorn charm. She blinked back tears. I can't imagine a more beautiful proposal, she said. Yes, yes, I'll marry you. They exchanged a tender kiss and then she fumbled with the clasp on the chain that held the cross she wore. I didn't know whether you'd want to wear it as a necklace or put it on a charm bracelet, he told her. I'll get you a chain or bracelet . . . . She interrupted him with another kiss. For now, I want to put it on with my cross and wear it right away. Just then a squirrel paused a couple feet in front of them and cocked his head as he appeared to stare at them. Don't even think about it, she said softly. My acorn from my love. As if he'd understood, the squirrel turned his back, made one last look over his back and scampered away.


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