Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mid week freebie time

Temps are dropping here today with possibility of snow. Or so they said last night. Saw Dad yesterday. He's about the same. Now claiming the nursing home doesn't provide dinner on Sundays. I know they do. I suspect food services delivers dinner, finds him aslepp and leaves the tray. Staff is almost all in dining room with the other patients so could be no one wakes him up and then food services returns, he's still asleep and they take tray assuming he's eaten. Or he could be having trouble keeping track of time and when meals arrive. Hard to say. He refuses to understand it's not a restaurant and kitchen isn't open at all hours with orders to do things his way. Hearing aid still not found. Also the durable medical eqipment company that supplied his hospital bed when he was at the assisted living place called yesterday. They say I owe about $800 because Medicare has informed them Dad is now in a skilled nursing facility and his hospital bed wasn't returned. The assisted living place was supposed to have returned it when he left there in May. Called assisted living and could only get voice mail for the nursing director. Left word to call me about the matter but she hasn't yet. Went to Suffolk yesterday too to turn in a bunch of papers to the lawyer. My husband had planned to go with me but was in terrible pain on his right side. I think he may have kidney stones again. Made him drink lots of water since he refused to let me take him to ER. He says if it gets bad enough, he will go by ambulance. And here I thought Tuesday was going to be a good day.

All that aside, here is next zip of Mistletoe Miss:
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgj9g91nd3jijdf/ws_MistletoeMiss_3.zip?dl=0

Oops - a little early on post.

PS. Thanks for the info on capital gains, Kristy. As for my baby hat, it was a French style bonnet in organdy that my Mom made. She could make anything!

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