Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today it's a road trip in Fall In Love freebie

Today we did a couple errands, dropped in to our favorite pizza place to get a couple slices for lunch and went across the street to see Dad. Oddly enough the little shopping center that is home to New York Pizzeria is on Newtown Rd and just across on a side street is the nursing home. John went on back to see Dad while I exchanged a few words with the social worker. She had told me last week that she would arrange a haircut for Dad. He doesn't have much, like a low halo above his neck that is now duck fluff, but he does have some beard that needs to be trimmed. Turns out the barber went to get him and found him in bed. When he told Dad why he was there, Dad just pulled the covers up over his face and ignored him. Getting child like. Today he was in the wheelchair refusing to eat his lunch sandwich of chicken salad. He doesn't like chicken, fish, so many things. Instead he was slowly munching on some Pringles from the can I brought him last week. He did seem to recognize us but didn't say much. His hearing aid wasn't in and he didn't know what he'd done with it. I brought him the small bag of peanut M & M's he'd asked for and he had to get into those. We thought he'd try to eat the whole bag but he only had one then carefully folded the top of the bag and stored it away. When we left, I bent down to kiss him goodbye and told him I love him (I always do) and he surprised me by saying, I love you too. Dad usually doesn't engage in emotional responses.

Once home I didn't do much but fix a light dinner and work on Fall In Love. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying my little experiment. I think of each installment as a vignette. Today's took a bit longer and ended up being too large for one zip to be comfortably downloaded, so I split it in two. Tomorrow's graphics are ready, just need to do some text. Then I'll get busy doing housework - a lot - so Sunday I can bake fruitcakes.

I made an error in labeling these a and b in that b fits the first part of the story and a is more for the second. But you will figure it out.

Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your story immensely, makes me want more time to read. Happy to hear of your time with dad and hope that he will stay comfortable. I know that this is a very difficult time for you, prayers coming your way and keep the faith!

Thank you for FallInLove kit--it's great. Bernie

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!