Thursday, December 21, 2017

Another day of Christmas Princess freebie

Went to nursing home yesterday. Brought two trays of snacks for the nurses on Dad's wing - one veggies and one fruit (I suspected they might get lots of cookies and sweets this time of year). There was a country music group performing in the main dining room which was filled with patients, but Dad wasn't there. He was in his room, asleep in bed. I couldn't rouse him but he was breathing well and looked comfortable. Sat with him about an hour. Hope he was having happy dreams. I was doing fine until I left the room and then started to break down, thinking about how he has no quality of life any more and seems to sink down into sleep more and more often. I'm aware he is leaving us but this slow descent towards death feels so unkind. Hurried to get out of there but one of the night nurses and the billing manager saw I was upset and hurried over to give me hugs. Two things help in regards to my Dad: I know he is in no pain and he is surrounded by a very caring group of people.

Came home to the delicious smell of a baked macaroni dish. My husband is such a good cook and helps everywhere he can - another blessing I am grateful for. Poor man is still in pain with kidney stones that seem to be moving but are taking their time leaving. Today while he watches Star War movies on TV and drinks all the water I can give him, I'm going to do some serious cleaning up. Hard to even know where to begin as there is so much to do.

Thank you all for your kind comments; they are a bright spot in these dreary days. I'm glad you are enjoying the kits. Today is zip 4 of Christmas Princess:

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