Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tired & freebie

If I wasn't so behind on cleaning, Thanksgiving preparations sure would be easier! The vacuuming is hard for me, setting off pains in neck, shoulders and hips. I'd almost rather clean bathrooms. Got about half of what I'd planned done yesterday so Wednesday morning means more cleaning. Hubby is planning to rest up during the day and do his share of cooking starting around 9:00 P.M. into next morning. He's been roasting the turkey for years now and making his special sweet potato casserole. And he will peel and cut potatoes for potato salad and chop vegetables, so he is a big help. I'd be looking forward to Friday when all is done and meals just mean re-heating. However, with Larkin here until late Saturday night, there won't be much rest for the weary. Gee, I wish I had her energy. On the other hand, the unconditional love she gives out is so uplifting.

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Sue Kimmet said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the lovely freebies.