Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday -freebies for Fri & today

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I apologize for not getting a freebie up yesterday. Had thought I'd post after grand-daughter went to bed, but by then I was too tired and hurting too much to get to computer. Not long after dinner on Thanksgiving, my back went into spasms and the muscle relaxer I took didn't do much. We had promised to take grand-daughter, Larkin, to see the Trolls movie on Friday. I went as planned but it was a long boring thing to sit through. She enjoyed it, however. By the time we got home and had our evening meal of left-overs, I was pretty well done in. And Larkin started to have sniffles and sneezes at bedtime. Today she didn't feel good and I started her on a pediatric antihistamine and let her stay in pjs all day. She and hubby were disappointed to not be able to go to Bluegrass tonight. With all her hugging and in the face behavior, I just hope I don't come down with whatever she has.

Here is the zip that should have gone up yesterday:

And today's zip, a couple of stacked papers:

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