Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another mistake corrected & Wacky Wednesday

Obviously, I am not, (quoting Dr. McCoy of Star Trek) "operating on all thrusters"! Missed putting in yesterday's link. Will correct as soon as I finish this post, so check back to yesterday's post for added link, please.
Took husband to doc today. Learned that the CT done at hospital really didn't show anything, so based on symptoms, he was treated for infective colitis. Our doctor is following up by scheduling an ultrasound and a colonoscopy to gain more information. He did tell hubby he can have coffee again, just no cream or milk except for skim milk (why bother with that). So tired of doctor appointments!

Today is zip 22 of Deco Dazzle:

And it is Wacky Wednesday when you get an additional freebie that could be anything. Today it is a pack of 5 papers:

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Anonymous said...

at least he is back on coffee that should help with the mood