Monday, November 21, 2016

Red Hats, Red Lobster, the red of the new Salvation Army Thrift store and freebie

Just got home about 30 minutes ago. Met with my Red Hat group at Red Lobster for our November luncheon. Only 5 of us today but still nice. On way home my friend, Mary, told me a new Salvation Army Thrift Store opened in the shopping center near her house. Since she had promised to cook for her grandson tonight, we hadn't done our usual stop to shop on way home. (We usually visit thrift stores and craft stores.) So, after I dropped her off at home, I swung into the shopping center and went for a look. The new store has been set up nicely and I met the manager, nice man, who alerted me to when they have 50% off sales. I poked around a little, hoping to find something a little fancy to wear to the Snowball Express next month. Came across a red satin with black print, Chinese tunic thingy - long with slits up both sides to wear over black pants or leggings. $7. Certainly not traditional Christmas garb, but the price is right and if it fits well, I might actually wear it somewhere else. I've got a round, red sequined fascinator base, some white "fur" trim and a white bird that I'm going to make a fascinator with. Will it go with Chinese outfit? Don't know; but I don't have excess funds to buy or make fancy clothes and hats for these events, so just wing it.

Today I have more of the light rose color:
One paper, beads, ribbon flower, and that small fan shaped frame I'd mentioned previously.
Looks like I have 4 more zips of the Deco Dazzle plus a bunch of elements in the colors that might just go in a mixed bag zip.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I sure am not! Tomorrow while hubby takes grand-daughter and her mother to doctor, I'll be busy cleaning. Wednesday will be a cooking marathon. Looks like Larkin will be staying with us over the weekend so I've got to find hiding places for the Christmas gifts we've purchased, and find some energy. Might try to take her to see Trolls on Friday but it's going to be a mad house out there with shoppers. Saturday, there is a Bluegrass concert my husband might take her to. The two of them enjoy the music; not my thing. Once the weekend is past, we've got a bunch of doctor appointments, more shopping to do and prepare for early Christmas with Jeremy and Berkeley on 22-23rd. Have to say, I am already looking forward to January and relative calm.

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