Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Friday and I'm taking some "Me time" but still have a freebie for you

After much anxiety and calling everywhere we had been on Wednesday, I found my house keys which had somehow gotten wedged down between the car seats and mostly under the edge. Last evening we took Dad with us to have dinner at Cookout a little place that serves good burgers and about 30+ different milkshakes. He didn't care much for their fries but liked the burger, saying it tasted home made. Wasn't going to try a shake but I insisted he taste mine which was caramel fudge. He thought it would be too sweet but really liked it and let me get him one to take home.

Today my friend, Joyce, is picking me up and we are going to see the new Jack Reacher movie. Probably grab a little dinner afterwards and might even make a quick run into a craft store. Sure will be nice to do something fun.

I promised that today's zip of Deco Dazzle would be something other than gold themed and it is. Today we have the pink/mauve tones:
Hope you like it.

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