Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doing some long neglected cleaning and have a freebie for you

Yes, it's true - being able to have coffee again has improved my husband's mood. He even got dressed and went out to get a new aerator for the kitchen faucet. Funny how the little things you need to do around a house add up quickly. I'm taking a break in cleaning to post. Today I have two target areas I am determined to get in shape and will make chili for dinner. Doctor said my husband can have tomato products in moderation and the chili I make is mild enough. The recipe came from a lady who used to cook for Norfolk General Hospital. No, it's not as bland as that makes it sound. It's very tasty and is a recipe we used to make big batches of for telephone company charity events. Usually my husband adds hot sauce and enjoys several bowls of this. He has promised to add no hot sauce or jalapeno peppers, and eat just one moderate size bowl with lots of crackers and no cheese topping. He is desperate for something that has taste.

I'm very pleased with today's zip of Deco Dazzle and hope you will like it too. My parents were born in the 30's and my father is a big car buff; I thought about him while I created this. Of course, he was too young in the 30s to ever wear a straw boater and bowtie, but they are appropriate for the era we're working with.


By now you probably think art deco is my favorite art period, right? Not so. I prefer art nouveau with it's swirly lines, but that is for another day. (Have I done that for you already?) I just tend to get carried away with a project, thinking, Oh, it needs . . . . Still have a lot of elements I haven't posted but don't know if you want more? Couple of stacked papers ready to go. After that, are you ready for a change up? Have ideas for December kit but haven't gotten far, so once I end Deco Dazzle it will probably be some color packs until the December kit is ready to go.

If you have thoughts about what you might like to see in 2017, please let me know. I'll make no promises, but I usually manage to come through with some requests.

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KM Miller said...

Glad your hubby is feeling more himself. Would mind sharing your chili recipe? I've been married 31 years and am always looking for something new or different from the same old, same old! We deal with a lot of food allergies so we eat in way more then we eat out.

I may have been born in the 60's but I love the vintage era and all that encompasses it.

I have boys surrounding my life so I am always looking for more masculine elements to scrap our lives. Adding a D-I-L next years so I will be able to tap into my more feminine side while scrapping.

Thank you for all you create. It is lovely.