Friday, November 11, 2016

Saturday already! Freebie

About to go to bed. Hubby is still having a lot of pain and trying to lengthen time between pain meds to make them last. I'm hoping that the antibiotics will kick in and start calming down the inflammation, thus reducing the pain.

Here is today's zip:
The elements are whimsical art deco birds from an embroidery pattern.


Anonymous said...

It's a bitch when our parts start to wear out. Hope everyone starts to feel better soon! suzanne

KM Miller said...

Sorry your hubby is experiencing so much pain. Good to watch intake of food in this case. The "no coffee" would be my undoing; it would be painful for me! I took a tumble while playing with the neighbor kids and broke my foot a few weeks back. Painful but I still got to have coffee. Hope is better soon. You both need to rest this weekend.

Thank you for the Deco Dazzle file!


SherryD said...

Kristy, I am so sorry to hear about your foot. I broke my right one while I was teaching (carrying many pounds of student portfolios) and got misdiagnosed until I was up to 4 stress fractures. That was the end of any cute shoes lol. Be careful so as not to injure it further. Sending you healing hugs.

SherryD said...

You are so right Suzanne! All that talk about Golden Years - what a scam.