Friday, November 11, 2016

Another oops, hospital and freebies

Took my husband to the ER around 11 P.M. last night and got home about 3 A.M. Best guess diagnosis is colitis. CT showed inflammation so they gave him 2 antibiotics and a few pills for pain - 6 to be exact. He's been in a lot of pain today whenever the pills wear off. The scheduled follow-up with our family doc isn't until Wednesday afternoon. I suspect before then we will need to go back to ER or maybe urgent care for more pain medication. I'm making sure he has nothing to eat or drink that will make things worse. Mostly, in that regard, he is unhappy about not having coffee. Weather has turned cool here so I've been coughing all day. Just plain tired.

Here is yesterday's zip of Deco Dazzle:
Sorry I didn't get it posted on time but was busy taking care of husband .

And today's zip:
The deco dolly is my creation using a Cookie base I have a license for. I think she came out rather well.

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