Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another trip to grocery, more cleaning, a freebie - whew!

What I thought would be a quick run was not. I'm getting fed up with the changes at the Neighborhood Walmart down the street. They did some remodeling and moved everything around. Added more "scan it and go" counters and I have to agree wit h my father on those. Sometimes it is convenient when the store is real busy and you only have a few items. However, it cuts out a cashier job and you have to scan and bag for yourself. Walmart saves money with this feature; you don't. Today they had only one regular cashier and I didn't want to mess with the self serve counter. I also do not appreciate the move of all the alcohol to the front. I don't have anything against drinking alcohol so long as it is in moderation. But I think this placement encourages people to pick up beer or wine when they might not otherwise. And it sends a message to children that alcohol must be important because it's just about the first thing you see. Also the little store was out of an item I especially wanted - Patti La Belle's sweet potato pies. They are so good! I usually make my own pumpkin pies, which have more spice than most store bought pies, but this year I don't want the extra chore. My husband and I love Patti's pie and since Dad likes sweet potato pie too, I decided she could help me eliminate one chore. Had to go to the nearest big Walmart where, thankfully, I was able to get the pies and a few other things I needed. Had planned to stop at Dollar tree on the way home to pick up some gift boxes but was too tired. It can wait for another day.

Today is zip 27 of Deco Dazzle:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/DecoDazzle/ws_DecoDazzle_27.zip

To those who may not be enjoying this kit, hang in there. Other themes will come along and if you are hoping for something in particular, don't be shy about asking.

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