Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The latest here at home and freebie

We were all settled down for a little relaxation last night when the dishwasher began making a screechy noise. When I went in to check it, I found the kitchen floor flooding. We tried everything to shut it off - going to the fuse box to disconnect it (tried all and couldn't find one that cut it off), turning the control knob (first tried), yada yada. Used all the towels in the linen closet and hot water kept flowing into the dishwasher and onto the floor. Finally, hubby went out to the garage and cut the valve to the water heater. I had to wring out all the towels and dump them in tow plastic bins to be washed later. Then I had to pull out all the dishes and pile them in the sink so the dishwasher would be empty when BIL came over today to try to figure out the problem. Of course, with no hot water, I couldn't wash the towels, wash the dishes, or take a shower to shampoo my oily hair. Was not going to shower in cold water. BIL is here now, checking it out now. Thing is old so we will probably have to buy a new one.

Anyway, here is today's zip:

Will try to get December goal page set up later.

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