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Friday, August 19, 2016

Ready for zip 13 of Yesterday freebie?

On the subject of kits with overall previews and Download_a_Day freebies, let me say that I totally understand that an overall preview is preferable. When I designed for stores, I always made overall previews. Sometimes, when it was a large kit and it was too difficult to include all, I would make additional preview - one of papers, another or more for elements. We all want to be able to see what in our files as easily as possible. The biggest reason I don't do overall previews now is that I create to a them or color scheme a little at a time as I can.

I can only share my solution to such download-a-day freebies. What I do, using Yesterday as an example, is when I open the first download I rename the folder that (in this case) says Yesterday_1 to just "ws_Yesterday. " I go into that folder and usually made 2 new folders - "elements" and "papers." Then I take what came in zip one and divide it accordingly. Zip 2 comes along and I download it into "ws_Yesterday," open it, rename the new "folder" preview to "folder_2" and separate the items into the elements and papers folder. I keep the latest info folder because credits may have changed and I might need to know; the old info folder gets deleted. at this point your "ws_Yesterday" folder will contain the most recent info folder, 2 previews, and "elements" and "papers" folders. With each new zip, I proceed as above. If I'm in a big hurry when I download, I'll simply add the zip_2 to the folder and move on. Might end up with several unzipped days before I organize. Or I might simply unzip the other folders within the the "ws_Yesterday" folder without doing any separation of elements and papers. Depends on my mood but because I am sometimes looking for just a certain paper or elements, I prefer to separate them. If you are really ambitious, once the DAD finishes, you could make yourself a composite preview and ditch the individual ones.

And now that I've rattled on, here is today's zip:

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Deb Burroughs said...

I'm am loving this set! I do something similar with unzipping, but divide it up a bit more. I try to be super-organized. Key word is "try". lol! I like the individual previews - they show the detail of the contents better than an overall preview possibly could. Thanks so much for sharing with us!