Thursday, August 4, 2016

New freebie - Yesterday 1

I finally got rid of my headache and I've been playing around with some brushes and this color swatch:
Didn't really know where I was going with it or if it might evolve into a kit but then things started to flow. This is the start of what I'm going to call "Yesterday" for lack of a more creative title. The color swatch seems intended for winter but it works for old and faded too, I think and it's just so calm and cool.

Dear BIL is here checking out the roof and fixing whatever damage that storm caused the other day. He said when he was coming in from the Virginia Beach site where he was working, he saw very dark skies over Norfolk. So far where we are, things are fine but could be we are going to get another storm this evening. He is such a sweetheart to come by after working all day, just to make sure we don't get damage.

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