Saturday, August 20, 2016

Being Trifling and a freebie zip of Yesterday

Most of yesterday was filled with a Red Hat Society meeting at Smokey Bones restaurant. Enjoyed the company and the barbeque. Afterwards Mary, Joyce and I went to check out a place that carries hair accessories and the thrift shop next doors. I bought my Larkin some cute ponytail holders and, for me, a sparkly red shawl for Red Hat events. Today I'm being "trifling" as the older generation says. I just can't get going. Maybe because I got some disturbing news about my Dad yesterday evening. He has atypical atrial flutter - or to put it another way, his heart rhythm is off. I have to take him to the heart specialist on Monday for an echocardiogram and depending on what is found, the doctor might have to shock Dad's heart to reset the rhythm. He's 87 and has been looking really tired lately and has had several dizzy spells. The dizziness was in the morning and family doc thought it was low blood sugar and has re-adjusted his insulin but this last visit she took an EKG and decided to send him to his heart specialist. He told me he has had this problem before - about 4 years ago - but it went away without any treatment. Here is hoping the same thing will happen again.

But now for your freebie:

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