Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday and Yesterday 2

Sometimes things do work out. This week we learned that the company my husband retired from cancelled our dental, vision, and his small life insurance policy. We learned this when we got a bill for $120 for a dental cleaning that has been free under our insurance. The company tried to tell us he hadn't requested to keep the insurance when he retired. We knew he had so we asked to see what they had on file.. We were told they couldn't find the paper work. He knew who he had given the paperwork to. Calls back and forth to company and union. Finally, today the company called. Guess what? they found the paperwork and yes, he had requested to keep the insurances but they never told him how and who to pay premiums to. He thought they would take it from his retirement check. Nope. Anyway, the insurance will be re-instated once we pay the premiums they didn't take out. Whew! We had checked out other plans and it was going to cost us twice as much and give us half the coverage! Advice: make copies of any paperwork you have to turn in so you can prove what you did. Don't trust that people will do their part; be prepared.

Anyway, here is today's zip of Yesterday:

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Isn't it marvelous when people do their jobs correctly NOT