Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Almost time for school & freebie

It was a hot one today - 3 digits on heat index. But I'd downloaded the school supply list for grand-daughter, Larkin, who will be starting first grade. Out I went in search of supplies. First stop, Dollar Tree to see what they mighty have. Picked up some things there including 2 cute composition books (no spiral notebooks, list said). They didn't have the plastic 3 prong folders she needed and I knew better than to buy Dollar Tree pencils so next to Walmart. Got everything else on the list and a few things for her to have at home. Whew - good to be back home and out of the heat. Going to go play Jeopardy but first, zip 6 of Yesterday.

After Jeopardy, have to clean out fridge - oh joy.

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KM Miller said...

Oh no, I do not think "Yesterday" is boring at all! I often think I was born in the wrong century. The attention to detail centuries ago is a lost art.

Thank you for your freebies.