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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Storms, Olympic Gold & freebie

Had another mean thunderstorm earlier. Still, despite high wind and heavy rain, it went on its way after awhile. Much better than a hurricane for which August and September are prime time.

BTW that photo of a butterfly hat yesterday was just one example of what I've seen.

Watched Olympics some tonight. Wanted to see Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps win in the swimming competitions. They said Phelps now has 25 Olympic medals and 21 of them are gold! Also watched our women's gymnastic team, which gave wonderful performances. Congratulations to local gymnast, Gaby Douglas, and her team mates on winning the gold.

"Yesterday" is rather boring, isn't it? Still finishing up a few more zips before moving on. Tonight I have #5:

Making a list of things I keep putting off, like some papers I need to send in to get the small retirement sum from Verizon which, when I I left was a company still called Bell Atlantic. Also putting together a list of ideas for the Witches' Tea I'm hosting for my Red Hat group in October. I'm really good at writing lists. It's checking off items I've completed that becomes difficult lol.

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