Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday thunder storms and freebie

I was thinking last night that a good number of the elements for Yesterday are decidedly feminine. Think we might need to add in some masculine items. What do you think? Here is a composite of what you should have collected so far, including today's zip:
Today we have zip 10:

Re street problem: the mayor's office just called, wanting to know if the Dept. of Streets & Bridges had been in touch with us. No. The mayor's secretary checked into it and called back to say that department claimed to have been by on the 10th and fixed the problem on the 11th. No way. My husband repeated where the problem is and the trouble it is causing us and said if the department representative would just come to the door and speak to him, he would point out where the problem lies. Wonder how long until that happens?


Anonymous said...

lovely, thanks for sharing your work!!

KM Miller said...

Thank you for the composite shot of the Yesterday files! It really helps to make that the picture on my file and put all the elements in that file instead of daily individual files. So much easier to see at-a-glace all the elements. And Masculine items would be fabulous too. I'm feeling rather spoiled. ;)

Thank you yet again!