Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Monday and another freebie of Yesterday

Monday again. Dad is feeling better - no shortness of breath, no dizzy spells but still having trouble with bad sinus drainage and fatigue. He's had the echo cardiogram and tech said he didn't see anything of concern. Hasn't seen cardiologist and won't until 9/22 but did see family doctor. She spoke with cardiologist about hospital visit and both say they think Dad was misdiagnosed at the hospital and both told him not to worry. Cardiologist promised to explain to Dad what has been going on when he sees him on 22nd. I'm going along to make sure all is understood. Meanwhile I will take him to hematologist Thursday about the report of low blood platelets. I've done a little research on the ascities problem (buildup of fluid in abdominal cavity). Congestive heart failure is indicated with ascities - which I already knew since I have a friend with congestive heart failure. But it is also a sign of certain liver disorders and Dad has had liver enzyme concerns before. I know he's 87 and wearing down but I don't see how any doctor could fail to be concerned that he had picked up so much fluid - 20 lbs? Seriously, of course all that weight on your chest would effect y our breathing and heart. I'll be asking lots of questions.

So today, let's get back to Yesterday with zip 15:
There are 2 more zips ready to go and more elements in a folder so I might stretch this out to 20 zips. At the end I will give you a composite preview.

Still fighting a summer cold. I've been coughing so much my chest hurts and I'm tired out. Slept off and on today whenever it let up. Have part of my Halloween tea menu set and now deciding on the sweet course. Lots of housework that needs doing - but it is never done, is it?

Thank you for kind words and prayers!

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KM Miller said...

Good to hear your father is feeling better. I, too, would be concerned about a 20 lb. fluid weight gain. And, it is always good to have a second set of ears to listen in on appointments and be an advocate should he need one.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the files.