Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Tuesday already? Oops on freebies

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend? Sorry about there being no Saturday freebie. I had thought I'd get back in time from the Red Hat boat party to set that up. It was hot and steamy here that day with tropical storm off the coast threatening to spoil things. Fortunately there was no rain and just a tiny bit of breeze so pretty nice if you were outside and could sit still. But there were supplies to lug down the slope to the houseboat and, after the party a lot of cleaning up to do and carrying of supplies back up the slope to our cars. Thank heaven, Doris's son, Eric, came and did all the heavy lifting after the party. I wasn't all that much help. I got overheated, sweaty, and weak. Which is why, when I got home to a huggy granddaughter and husband, I was pretty well done in. When they took off for Bluegrass, I was able to peel off my sweaty clothes, wash up, and cool down. In short, I crashed and didn't give the computer a thought! It was a wonderful party though and one people will be talking about for some time. I'm putting together everyone's photos for a couple of scrapbook pages and when done will share them. Sunday was just resting up and listening to rain. Yesterday the sky opened up and the rain really poured, faster than it could be absorbed so it pooled and flooded areas. Before it got too bad, we picked up the two granddaughters, Inara (9) and Larkin (5) and took them to see the Angry Birds movie. Good thing I bought tickets online at Fandango because on the way to get the girls, we encountered a bad accident on Virginia Beach Blvd. There were at least 3 fire engines, several rescue squads and any number of police cars, even one state trooper. Seeing the state trooper made us wonder if he had been a chasing someone on interstate who came off and caused the accident. Don't know but took a good while to get through. Cute movie. All the color, cute critters, and movement for the kids but lots of jokes for the adults. The girls were pretty good but wore us out. Kids - all that energy!
Zip 24 of Steamy Spring contains a rose, 2 feathers, a ribbon, and a purse:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_24.zip

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