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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Steaming on with zip 3 of Steamy Spring freebie

Midweek already! Trying to get some business taken care of - you know, the usual stuff: pay bills, catch up laundry, return messages etc. Yesterday I picked up the yarn I'd ordered to make Larkin a crocheted blanket and I've been slowly rolling a skein at a time, trying not to do too much to aggravate my injury. Finished another novel this morning, The Winter Ghosts by Kate Moss. The novel takes it's theme from the treatment of the Cathar Christians in early France. A sad piece of history. Not sure what I'll read next. Do know I must update my reading challenge list on Goodreads.

So here is what we have today:
So far, pretty basic Steampunk. It will get more interesting; at least I think so. I'm happy to hear that some of you are pleased with this theme. Steampunk has been around for a good while and, in the past, I've made some CU elements in the style, some of which I'm using in this kit. I enjoy Steampunk because it plays with Victorian fashions and the wonders of the Industrial age. Most often you see the grimy browns and blacks suggestive of all the soot and dirt that accompanied the widespread introduction of machines into society. Not that the Victorian age was partially clean or hygienic to start, but heavy use of machinery certainly added new pollutants. A primary element in Steampunk is the use of machine parts - gears, cogs, springs and so on, both as decoration and recombined to form fantastical creations. You can find everything from Steampunked versions of everyday products like lamps, guns, even communication devices to mechanical birds and other creatures. It's imagination taken flight.