Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Short day today & zip 25

Slept in today really late so must get moving and accomplish something. Wanted to go see Alice Through The Looking Glass yesterday and had invited 3 friends but none could go. I decided to go on anyway since hubby was supposed to meet some former co-workers over at Hooters. What can I say about the movie? Colorful, great special effects. As best as I can remember the original "Looking Glass" this just basically borrowed the looking glass as entry to wonderland and the usual characters. This time, Anne Hathaway was less wooden as the White Queen. The character of Time was interesting. Overall though, you might want to just wait for it to come out on TV.

Today's zip has a few more shop items: a doll faced hat stand, another hat, a catalog. You will have to play around with sizes of hats and hatstands to make them look as you wish.

No promises but have any thoughts on themes? Want to submit a color swatch? If you like, you can submit swatch and/or themes to me at Please put Blog Ideas in subject line.

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