Friday, May 20, 2016

Running around on errands but have a freebie for you

If you are a fan of Country Liv's Graphics (Liv is a dear friend), you might know that Liv has been waiting for the arrival of her great-granddaughter. Wish you could see the beautiful items Liv has crocheted for that baby and the twins, Willow and Xander. Liv's excitement was contagious so I made a little something for the baby and just put it in the mail today. Running late as little Adalynn Grace was born on the 16th! Sent her a crocheted bunny lovey and a crocheted pacifier keeper clip with a rose. I'd love to show you but still having trouble with the shared printer here and it won't let me read the photo card from my PC. Whenever I think about downloading the photos, it seems hubby is busy on his PC so I can't. Oh well. Had about 8 different places to run to today and am finally home and about to start laundry. First though, today's zip of Steamy Spring:
It includes another paper, a hat stand, and a display of boots.

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