Monday, May 2, 2016

It's a Steamy sort of Spring (A new freebie begins.)

Spring arrived with a bounce - cold one day, warm another, chilly nights, and then a hint of the steamy days to come. Young ladies sought information on the latest color and fashion trends. On days that came along with sparkling sunshine and balmy breezes that ruffled the heads of the newly blooming flowers and sent petals spilling down from blooming fruit trees, the ladies set forth to visit the shops. Copper and bronze colored accents glittered in shop windows full of all the latest accessories fashioned in salute to the wonders of the new industrial age. Dresses and hats picked up the colors of newly green vegetation along with the peach and rusty rose of earth and flowers. Come along into a Steamy Spring with the Steampunk ladies gifted by Pat of Pann's Place.

This kit was inspired by the Steampunk cuties created by Pat Sherman of P.Ann's Place and this color swatch:
Here is first zip:

Monthly goal sheets to follow in a.m.

P.S. Doc said I'm pulled a muscle and probably torn a few muscle fibers. Nothing to do but take it easy and hope it heals - in about 6 - weeks!

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Deb Burroughs said...

I guess the diagnosis could be worse, but six weeks?!?! I hope you heal quickly. I really like the new theme!