Thursday, May 12, 2016

Complaint about prescription insurance and freebie

I know I'm not the only person this is happening to. What? You switch medical insurance coverage for whatever reason and get a new prescription plan. Each plan has it's own formulary and despite all the comparisons you make (I had a very knowledgeable insurance agent help me), you wind up with one or more of your regular prescriptions not on that formulary. The new policy refuses to pay for your drug, stating it is not on the formulary. You can ask for an exception, but first you must try one (or more) of the drugs that plan has chosen for whatever ails you. I can understand it if the drug in question has just recently come on the market. But I've just had 2 denials - one for my rescue inhaler and the other for generic Nexium. I don't use the rescue inhaler very often so I'm okay with trying another (although my pulmonologist won't be happy). But I've been on 40 mg of Nexium for over a dozen years after Prilosec stopped working for me. Nexium has been on the market for ages and they won't even pay for the generic? One capasule a day doesn't totally take care of my reflux problem but I am now required to try another drug. This one is generic for Protonix and it comes with more health warnings than Nexium! So I started it this week and every single day I've had a headache and a hot, prickly itching sensation but no outbreak showing. These headaches were like mild migraines. I have been miserable and able to do little. After first blaming the weather, I began thinking about what might have changed. Hubby suggested I try dicontinuing the new pill and see what happens. I was hesitant, worrying I'd have severe reflux. Well, guess what? no headache today! Will call doctor's office tomorrow and see what we do next.
Did not see my son yesterday after all. Seems they were having a Murphy's Law day with everything going wrong and with the weather threatening more rain were doing their pickup (table decorations) in Richmond and going straight down to Nags Head. Will have to mail the charm in the morning. My husband has been craving a snack from his childhood - lupini beans. As I understand it, they look like lima beans but are sort of pickled and have a tough shell. We haven't been able to find them in local grocery stores so I headed over to Grand Market to see if they might have any. Grand Market is primarily an Asian grocery with tons of fresh produce, about every type fish you can imagine, and lots of imported Asian groceries, some Hispanic and other. As soon as you open the door, the fish odor smacks you in the nose but after a few minutes you don't notice. I spotted some beautiful eggplant in the produce area and bought a couple, then went up and down every aisle in search of lupinis and anything else interesting. No lupinis but picked up a box of Pocky ( a Japanese snack of long, thin biscuits topped with chocolate and a few meringues in the bakery section. Also went to look at some of the hard-sided rolling luggage. Think it's time to trade in those old hard-sided Samsonite pieces. We've got duffles we use for short jaunts but want something waterproof and more secure in case we take a flight or cruise somewhere. Today, I've done nothing useful. But hubby made the best eggplant Parmesan!
Today's preview looks junkey but I wanted to show that not only have I included a shop background but also gave you the png. for both the shelving and wall clock, as well as a ribbon flower. I'll be giving you items you can use as is or scale down to add to the shelves. A good bit more to come.


suzanne said...

unfortunately no downdoad link

KM Miller said...

I hear you on the insurance. When my son was young he was on some pretty intense meds to help him breathe and it would just amaze me that the insurance company knew more about what my son needed than the doctors and they never once even saw him let alone had a degree to diagnose him. Messed up!

Good luck with the insurance companies.

PS I am unable to locate the download link to today's Steamy Spring. Love the the shelves and being able to load them up!