Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Monday! & a freebie

Since I stopped taking the new reflux med, I've had no more headaches and muscular pain is reduced. Was supposed to call doctor about that today but forgot. Our new luggage arrived today. Finally got some good sleep too so things are looking up. Tomorrow I'm going with June to the Virginia Oncology Center to see about the problem with her ovary. Dad and I talked about it yesterday here at my house. We both feel certain it is cancerous and are wondering where else the cancer may have spread to. I'm hoping that the first thing June's medical team does is a full body scan to get an idea of whether there are other tumors. She has already had all the radiation therapy one can take following her breast cancer and we believe she is too weak to survive chemotherapy and hope the doctors don't suggest it. June won't speak up for herself, won't ask questions etc, so it is difficult to look out for her best interests. I don't see putting her through any additional surgery either. If they do the scan and find more tumors, the doctors probably won't operate. If all they see is the tumor on the ovary, they might push surgery. I know, that might be done laproscopically, which isn't too bad. Then again, the docs might want to do an open surgery so they can look into the body cavity and that will make follow up care and recovery much more of a problem. Not something Dad can handle even with my help, which would mean nursing home care. Poor woman has no quality of life as it is. I should stop speculating but just don't have much hope.

Today in zip 13, we have some items the steampunk ladies might be shopping for:

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