Monday, May 23, 2016

Another rainy Monday and a full week ahead. Plus freebie.

Another dreary day. Haven't wanted to do anything but think it is coming from feeling a bit overwhelmed at all that will be going on this week and next couple. Being used to weeks where nothing much happens, suddenly having weeks where a lot is going on is kind of a shock to the system. This week it's doctor's appointment, haircut, family visit, lunch out with family and friends, and two Red Hat events plus prep for all. Next week it's wedding prep, shopping for grand-daughter's birthday and I can't remember what else. The following week is my son's wedding followed immediately by June's surgery! Did I complain about being bored?

Today I have a Steamy Spring zip of shop items - skirts and a double hanger plus example of how double hanger can be used.


KM Miller said...

Love it! Thank you.

Remember to take care of yourself in all of your upcoming events.

Deb Burroughs said...

Thanks for the pretty additions to the kit. Take it easy and try not to stress. You can do this!