Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday freebie & Pepsi talk

Just tried the 1898 Pepsi. I think I taste some cinnamon oil in it. Not overly impressed, but then I'm a Coca Cola girl. If you are into Pepsi, you might enjoy checking out the history of the drink here: It's been a quiet day. I had the rest of my Rt 58 Deli pastrami sandwich for dinner last night and, good as it was, it "talked" to me until early morning, so I sat up playing silly computer games rather than risk lying down and having severe reflux. Hubby got up around 2am in pain. Don't know if it's his back or maybe a kidney stone but he has felt miserable all day. Won't let me take him to Urgent care or ER so I've just been being as quiet as possible. Since I had a sinus headache until it poured down raining, it wasn't hard. But that means I didn't do much that was useful. Today I have a shop sign and another figure for you. Also a cheval mirror (have to see how you look in that new dress, right?) and the same mirror with cutout to make a frame. Decided to add another paper too because the elements looked so lonely on the page.
See you on Monday!

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Thank you so much!