Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another week almost gone? & a freebie

Another day of off and on showers and gloomy skies. Four of us (me & hubby, Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John) went out to lunch at Route 58 Deli in Virginia Beach If you are ever in the Virginia Beach area and love deli food, you must try it. My husband grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and really misses things like knish and egg creams so he was in heaven. Sandwiches and desserts are huge at Rt. 58! I got my favorite: lean pastrami and Swiss cheese on NY rye. They out a full pound of meat on these sandwiches and hold them together for delivery to the table with a large Rt 58 "flag" marker and toothpicks. I can never eat a whole sandwich. I cut the half into quarters and that filled me up with just a little room left for dessert and my Dr. Brown's cream soda. My dessert choice today was a slice (huge) of Carnegie Deli carrot cake. It has pineapple and coconut in the cake and is layered with cream cheese frosting. So yummy. Brought home the rest of my sandwich and half of my cake and felt stuffed. Had a nice long nap afterwards. I know, not good, but I rested so well! Haven't done another thing today except put a row on Larkin's blanket.
For today's zip we have a bunch of small bows, a table and chair for shop visitors to rest in while their friends try on dresses or browse.
Hope you are having a good week and are looking forward to fun weekend plans.

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