Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nearing midnight and the "children" now asleep --- freebie

Things finally settled down last night after Larkin had a long conversation with her mother during which she cried and carried on and her mother said she couldn't come home because she had made plans. She never did eat her dinner, even after we told her there would be nothing later on if she didn't. We tried the ignoring bit for a time and sat watching TV as if she weren't there while she calmed herself down. Happened on a Disney movie we hadn't seen and next thing you know, Larkin is all chirpy and asking when I'd make popcorn. No dinner, no popcorn. Brief discussion of loving her but not the behavior and not tolerating lies. She apologized to both of us, got hugs and settled down to watch the movie without further complaints.

Today it was still raining. Gloomy day. Since Larkin was behaving nicely, we decided to take her out to the Virginia Aquarium.
Just the aquarium exhibits without movie, adventure trail, etc. etc. was nearly $70. Lots and lots of walking around, weaving in and out of faux tunnels that had displays of all kinds. Larkin oohed and ahhed over fish, turtle, sharks and more. But I think her favorite might have been the seal tank just outside where big harbour seals swam around, coming right up to the glass walls to see the visitors. Packed with tourists and locals, the place was too warm and humid for me, making my chest grow a little tight and bursitis in my hip began to act up. By the time we got home, I had to crash for a few hours. During the time I was down, hubby said Larkin tried to start another crying jag, wanting to go wake me up. But by the time I got back up they were fine and had already eaten dinner, saving me a plate. Watched Moana movie which we all enjoyed.

Tomorrow my husband has to go over to Dad's house to meet Terminix first thing in the morning because there are ground wasps in the yard that swarmed after the guy we sent to cut the grass. Have to get those eliminated before he will go back. I'm going to take Larkin for breakfast at McDonald's, then we will go pick up a few groceries, trying the new Liedel grocery that opened recently. Promised we would try to work on a puzzle when we get home. Larkin's half-brother, grandson Tyler, called while I was sleeping. He will be coming over to have dinner with us on Saturday because he is going to be leaving for college next week. Seems like yesterday he was just a baby and such a good one!

Thank you all for the kind comments on this kit. I'm happy knowing you are enjoying it. Here is today's zip:
No paper in this zip, only elements and word art. More tomorrow.

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