Saturday, August 12, 2017

Exhausted & catching up on freebies

Quick catch up on my corner of the world. Larkin was here until last evening. After her aunt picked her up, I showered, shampooed and crashed for about 5 hours. Love the child but it was exhausting having her hang on me every other minute. Nursing home called while I had her in the bath. Dad has congestive heart failure problems again. Fluid in the lungs. Back on increased diuretic for 5 days, blood tests every other day, and 5 days of breathing treatments to start on Monday. Went over to see him today and he doesn't look good. Exhausted from coughing, doesn't want to eat, his eyes are red and he keeps rubbing them and one has the look of infection. Didn't stay long so he could get back to sleep. Husband has been busy cooking chicken Parmesan and spaghetti for dinner with grandson. He will be here shortly to have dinner and visit with us before he leaves for college next week. As far as I know, tomorrow will be a day we can rest up.

Now, I thought I'd posted Friday zip late on Thursday but apparently not. So here is zip 16:

In zip 17 you will see I had some fun playing with gradients. And I saw the lace dress as something that would be appropriate for an engagement party, hence the ring and gift.

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